April 18, 2009

Scream Along with Mr. Krotpong!

I've been thinking about screaming for a good long while now. With that in mind, I went through my singles collection looking for that special something... by the time I was finished browsing, I had a stack of about sixty sexy singles sitting silently in front of me.

There was nothing too recent in the pile, some of the stuff even went back to the early nineties. I was totally unfamiliar with all of it. They were a mystery. Why did I buy them? I surely must have bought them for a reason. What could it be? I even consider myself a fan of more than a few of the bands in the pile, but I had never heard any of the stuff I pulled.

After some selective pruning, I tore it all down into a tidy thirty-eight thrashing, thorax-throttling, thunderous trax.

Tough times call for tough music... you're either listening to obscure grindcore, or masked hoodlums are burning down your house. That's how were living now, in these treacherous, taxing times. Violent, noisy deathcore needs to be coming through your speakers or you'll wake up in a bathtub full of iced tea with one or both of your precious kidneys removed and sold on the black market. The choice is yours.

Avoid Something Nasty

Nah, I'll take my chances

As an added bonus, here is what you get if you chose to truly live by downloading Salvation via screeching racket. Creative spelling and usage be damned.


Raagg - Death of Last Species
Harsh - Obey
Hazardous Waste - Very Ill
Malefaction - Open Minded Confused
My Lai - American Rollback Conspiracy
Kontrovers - Krossa Sexismen
Beyond Description - Storm
Disprove - What You Said
Embittered - This Utopian Dream
Discript - Hige Fallen Down
Gasp - Sore for Days
L.i.E. - Legalize It!
Ice Nine - Steel Mesh World
Devoid of Faith - Cold Sore
Cavity - Gone About
Floor - Dead Wrong
16 - Ride the Snake
Thug - Cancer Causes Rats
Agents of Satan - Red Impulse
Maisie - Moving to Phoenix
Spazz - R.T.S.
King Brothers - Get on the Bus*+
Erosion - Revenge+
Gehenna - The Choking Sands+
Forced Expression - The Burning
Redrum - No Result
Sound Like Shit - Forest of Freedom
Man is the Bastard - Smile Trick
Deathreat - Runs Dry
Melt Banana - Get the Head Back
Man is the Bastard - Once Upon a ...
Hazardous Waste - Existence
D,R,Y, - Force
Riudo - Complomisos Escondidos
Cavity - Seine
Ansojuan - The Death Song Punk Ass Fuck
Asshole Parade - whither thou?
(In)Humanity - Victim in Pain

*All these tracks are new to me except for the King Brothers, who are awesome.
+ Came from records, not singles.


sturge said...

Excelente el accidente, por favor!

Mr. Krotpong said...

Ho significato, voi?