July 15, 2009

Sigh... I miss fall.

There are only so many days over 100 degrees that a sane person can take without going a little batty. I feel like I have beached and breached that limit oh... last week sometime. Maybe it was when I baked my poor brain during one of my extended bicycle jaunts that I take while the blast-furnace part of the day is still a-blasting. Maybe it was when I was hit ever so gently by a fucking truck last Wednesday, while it was 106. Meh...I'll just say that I'm sick of the heat. Thank Jesus we only have two, three months left of this, tops.

Here is some brain cooling music from the Thrones. Heavy, like the Chevy that I do not own. Grab it up, y'all.

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StyleSpy said...

Yeah. Remember when it was only 90? Good times...