March 3, 2010

It's from the Heart.

Oh, I don't know. I have put up a compilation of stuff that I have been listening to for the last month or so. Some of it it is rather... antisocial. Have at it. There is some good shit here...

+Take a Chance and Say You Tried+
The Pagans - Street Where Nobody Lives
The Dicks - Kill Form the Heart (live)
Night Kings - Little Drag
Joy Division - Autosuggestion (live)
Coutnry Teasers - Thank You God for Making Me an Angel
100 Flowers - Dyslexia
Loves Ugly Children - Suck
The Weeds - Wheatfields
Sebadoh - Not too Amused
The Cure - 100 Years
Ritual Tension - Tightrope
Black Flag - You Bet We've got Something Personal Against You (live)
Amde Petersen's Arme' - Skate Og Dø
Dudman - Empty Seat
The F.U.s - What You Pay For
Mogollar - Hicaz Mandira
Magazine - Permafrost
Gravitar - Freedom's Just Another Word for Not Getting Paid 02
This Heat - S.P.Q.R.

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Wain said...

Good to see you back