March 23, 2009

"Global Pupils Radiating Interference..."

I was working at the record store one fine summer's day, when Craig the indie buyer walks up to the counter with a record in his hand.

"Here, I don't know how I was able to score this, but I did. You need it." Then he hands me the record.

"Thanks," sez I, taking the record in hand. It was kind of an eyebrow-raising moment, because the record was the Homosexuals' Record. I put it in my stack, forgot about it for a while, bought it, took it home, forgot about it for...oh, about a year (I have a large collection of records, and it got lost in the shuffle).

I remember when I finally did pull it out of the stack. "Hmm, it's time I gave this a spin."

It instantly became one of my favorite and most listened-to records ever. Craig was right, bless his little black heart.

Fast-forward fourteen years (!), and here I am watching the Homosexuals play at my friend's record store. I never thought I would see the day. And they were great! There is nothing more invigoratin' than seeing an excellent live band, even moreso if I have loved that band for so many years.

They played at SXSW last year, with some dandy coverage by the always good, always entertaining WFMU's Beware of the Blog, but I missed them, due to being at work. I figured I would never have the chance to see them. So when I found out that they were playing here again, I brought my little recording rig.

Lucky for you guys who missed them, it's pretty good. Once more, I somewhat artlessly chopped it up into separate tracks, and added all the exif data that I could, but damn if it ain't a pretty righteous document. I've been listening to it all afternoon and on into the evening. The sound quality is better than WFMU's, in my humble opinion, more raw, not as flat sounding. Grab it up and see for yourself!


katastrophik said...

I will always be in debt to you for my trusty Homosexuals recording!

I will happily listen to this one also!

I was walking my (flat tire) while they were playing at End of an Ear. But I managed to catch them at Mrs. Bea's later that evening...They played soft south africans! YAY!

How's your paw?

Mr. Krotpong said...

I'm glad you got to see them, flat tires are sucky. My wristy-poo is still fairly jacked, but I am on the mend, so at least it gets better and not worse. XO.