March 3, 2009

Mister Wrister's Broken Fist.

This is a public service announcement...without guitars!

This coming Thursday I'll be going under the knife again for my broken-down wrist. While I will have lots of time to sit around at first, I imagine I will be on some serious painkillers (and in some serious pain), so posting may be light to completely unintelligible. This is just a heads-up, in case anyone was curious. See you soon!


Roone said...

Grin and bear it tuff guy. It's life.

Smooches. I bought that Bad Posture record b.t.w.

I'll loan it to you.

Spacebeer said...

I know you love pain and surgery, but maybe you could just turn back in to regular happy wrist man after this?

bp said...

Good luck. With the surgery, I mean.