February 1, 2009

"Cut Off at Midnight"

Periodically, I produce pretty, putrescent pictures for the people. Come, gaze upon the shambling horror that is my art...

Cover number three by me!

My instructions for this project were something informal like, "I don't care dude, do whatever you like." Instructions like that give me pause, and I have to evaluate them carefully.

In this instance it worked out well, because the band really didn't care. Thankfully, they were totally pleased with the result. There have been other times where I had been told that I should "go wild" and then, when wildness happened, they got upset or were disappointed. That's why I like it better when there is some previously existing vision of how things should look or be done, a theme or an idea that I can work off of.

For example: "Draw a dude with a skull-head killing punk rockers." Done. What a clear vision. So easy! I'll even make the skull-head guy naked, with a tiny, flaccid penis, just to be funny.*

That's much better than leaving it up to me, having no interest in my development sketches or roughs, and then getting pissed off when I turn it in, because "Too many skulls." or "Too much... it's just too much." If you didn't want over the top yuck, why come to me?

I ramble... Back on topic, this single is pretty awesome. It's a little Poison Idea here, a little Discharge there, maybe a touch of Motörhead, kneaded and squeezed through a fine Texas Redneck strainer, and poured over ice to make a delicious punk-core hellbroth, fit for the whole family.

Besides the rock, the one other thing that makes this single near and dear to my heart, is that Buzzcrusher were made up primarily of bar staff... bartenders, barbacks and bouncers. Being a longtime bartender myself, it makes my heart fill up with precious, prideful blood to know that I had a hand in this.

Grab it up here.

*An actual poster design that was later made into a tshirt.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brotha it's Jeff Martin! Of COURSE we cared, we just knew that you would come up with something killer if we left you alone. Glad you are still kickin' it and thanks so much for the kind words! BTW - the full length c.d. is out now on Zodiac Killer Records. Cheers!

Mr. Krotpong said...

Please Buy the Buzzcrusher cd!!
Here is a helpful link.

Hi Jeff! Thanks for stopping by!