January 24, 2009

Act Like Nothing's Wrogn.

My surgery was successful, and the doctor is filled with optimism about my recovery.

I will regain my skills as a Foosball master.
I could be back on the bike in as little as two weeks.
I'll be able to draw, paint, sculpt, and do all of that other artistic shit that I do again, soon.
I'll be able to drive in a matter of days.
I'll bet I can even sling a pint or two hundred at my place of employment starting next Wednesday.

I haven't seen my hand or arm in over a week.
I will have a narsty scar.
It hurts.

Thus far, modern medicine gets a wincing two thumbs up from me.


StyleSpy said...

Very glad to hear it. Am sort of hoping that when your cast comes off you discover they've grafted someone else's evil hand on to your arm. Just because I've never known anyone that happened to.

Mr. Krotpong said...

I was unconscious for much of my ordeal. Even so, I think I'd remember the evil hand transplant talk. Besides, they probably would have had a tough time finding a more evil hand than I currently already possess.

squeak said...

nasty scars are cool. :)

glad you're on the mend!


mybloodyself said...

Man, I didn't even consider that I might have a half a chance of beating you at foosball right now.

Glad you're on the mend!