January 5, 2009

Lurching Back To Life.

Happy 2009 everyone! I have arranged for a super-happy, totally oddball comp to be made available to you here. As it is back to the grind for many of us, I figured we could all use something completely light and dorky to fill our hear-holes.

Why would I put something like this together? Who knows. Take a splash in the bizarre waters with me.

{[The Daffy Codex]}

Black Randy & the Metrosquad : Idi Amin
Jim Henson : Tick Tock Sick
Jack Hammer : The Wiggling Fool
Thrown Ups : StockBoy, Superhero
Leonard Nimoy : The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins
The Diamonds : Batman, Wolfman, Frankenstein or Dracula
Negativland : The Perfect Cut (White Rabbit and a Dog Named Gidget)
Shirley Ellis : The Name Game
Tatsuta Naoki : Kazoku ga Ichiban
Eddie Noack : Psycho
The Kids of Widney High : Throw Away the Trash
ABC Announcer : Party Tape
Verne Langdon : Devil's Love
7-11 : Dance the Slurp
Gregory Corso : Bomb
Mr. Gasser and the Weirdos : Weirdo Wiggle
Raymond Scott : The Toy Trumpet
Dayglo Abortions : Stupid Songs
Mr. T : The Toughest Man in the World
Three Square : Fºúsëûs«ñ
Sound Effects : Laser Gun
Happy Flowers : I Wet the Bed Again
Clark Equipment : Hooray For Human Engineering
Bad News : Drink til I Die
The Monitors : Crazy Green Lizard
Sound Effects : When Worlds Collide
Announcer : 'The Raven' Promotion

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