January 13, 2009

"Things are better... now we have the bomb."

Here is a little vintage surf instrumental cd that someone I barely know made for me, because they are a nice person. This is part one of a multiple disc set. I might put up the rest eventually, but for now it's just going to be this. Enjoy!

{Surf Beat/Nocturne}

Chakachas - Jungle Fever
Timmy Thomas - Why Can't We...
B.Bumble and the Stingers - Nautilus
Rhythm Kings - Piper Soul
Soul Kings - Blue Soul
Centuries - Outer Limits
Jan Davis - Watusi Zombie
Mustangs - Jack the Ripper
Renegades- Charge
Renegaids - Surf Tragedy
Deltas - Soul Beat
Silvertones - Bathsheba
Starfires - Space Needle
Surf Tones - Gear
Traunts - Sunset Surf
Knights - 280lb Shoe Salesman
Megatons - Isis
Sentinels - Latina (slow)
Sentinels - Sunset Beach
Sentinels - Tor Chula
Thunderheads - Eleven
Tom Starr and the Galaxies - Chifaldo
Orch. Rock a Mambo? - (Kinsasha Sound)
? - Christina
Karl Denver - Wimoweh
Karl Denver - Shim Gan Goo
Karl Denver - Zimba
Karl Denver - Vella Langa
Karl Denver - Peanut Vendor
Korla Pandit - Turkish Dance
Korla Pandit - Miserlou
Harry Zimmerman - Harlem Nocturne

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