January 26, 2009

Garage Days ReReReRevisited.

Mr. Krotpong is all about the drawing of stuff, the illustration of various shit, and the depiction of things via the use of pen, ink, and paper. Sometimes Mr.Krotpong does this for bands that he enjoys by making flyers and whatnot. Every now and then a band likes Mr.Krotpong's art enough to ask him to make a cover for one of their musical releases. This here be they. Part two! In an ongoing series!

This is my second single cover. Limited to 300!

The back cover of the even more rare insert. This was also an image for a tshirt. My little swipe of a Ray Pettibon/Black Flag design.

My second jaunt into cover design was more relaxed than my first. This one was for The Paranoids, a local musical performance unit.

Everything about this release is primitive and brutish. From the rough, unfinished looking cover, to the hand-written labels, to the thick-assed, bubbly hand-pressed vinyl (our friend Craig owned an ancient record press), this single looks to be the lowest of the low-fi. The music fits in by being raw, and repetitive. All high end, no bottom. Churning, driving, caveman rock and roll. Hey, if you don't like it, it moves pretty quick. It's only one sided. Three songs, and it's done in just over 5 minutes.

This thing is pretty rare. It sold out fast, and used copies just don't turn up that often. I have looked for it on the internet, and I could only find one mention of it. It's not for sale anywhere, as far as I can tell. I don't even have my copy of this anymore, I had to borrow it from my wife.

So, here it is

-{the Paranoids}-
Baby, Let Me Follow You Down

1995 Bunkhouse 04


jlowe said...

I bought that, or else maybe Mark gave it to me, but I have it, and I guess I never realized it was you. Awesome. Now I need to check for the insert.
Nice to see you're doing a little better.

joel said...

i have that record too! and the music and cover are equally great.

mybloodyself said...

I have it too (with the insert)! See, it's not that rare. At least among your friends. :)