December 20, 2008

Sunday Morning Coming Down.

In these last, chaotic days leading up to the new year, the people need a tonic for the terrible stress induced by this relentless holiday triumvirate. It's supposed to be a tranquil time, not a tremendous torrent of tapir turds.

My least favorite aspect of this season is the sensation of time slip-slip-slipping away. There is always so much to do, and never enough time in the world to do it all. Cooking and cleaning, shopping and shipping, traveling and treeing, planning and partying. There is so much stuff to do (still!) that my mind, it boggles.

It will all be done (or done with) eventually. In just a couple of weeks, even! Then we all start making our way back around the big circle, just to do it all over again (in the same last-minute fashion we did it last year), until we're dead.

In order to soothe the savaged soul I have selected a special series of songs, both silly and somber, from the always scintillating Handsome Family. One loverly track, from each of their records currently in my possession. Quiet and sweet, these tunes could take you away for a little while, and return you unharmed.

You've got a few minutes... Come on, do it!

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