December 21, 2008

Pop Sputter.

Today, I am going to use my tiny platform to advance the agenda of another of my longtime favorite bands, the Severed Heads. I saw them live once (in 1990), with the right kind of eyes. They very nearly melted my fragile mind with their mild manners and their over-the-top video synthesizer.

The name makes them seem like a death metal band or something. They are decidedly not.

"Richard decided we would become Severed Heads, his tongue firmly in his cheek. A tactless, idiotic name. We would be 'industrial', as that was the flavour of the month. So we set about being industrial each day after school. There were plenty of models - Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire, The Normal et al. We admired and mocked them equally. "

Much of what they have created over the years is short-circuited pop music. Twinkly, charming little electric pop shards that are good at making the Krotpong happy. You get where I'm going with this, right? I made this comp...etc.

I have to tell you... this is some weird stuff. Trippy and bright electronics, minor chords, tape loops, drum machines, variable speeds, phase shifting, stuttering oddness... it's all mixed up together and pumped out. Pop music sausage! The noisy sometimes threatens to overwhelm the pretty parts, though it never quite does. It's a little bit (!) techno, but they are very nice about it.

Have a listen! Where is the tracklist? Why, it's in the comments!

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Mr. Krotpong said...

Severed Heads - there is nothing in this life that is mine

Sam Loves You
Spastic Crunch
Violins and Moonlight
Cyflea Rated-R
We Have Come to Bless This House
Tiny Fingers
Phantasized Persecutory Breast
4 W.D.
Heavily Tattooed Men and Women
Big Blue is Black (live)
Goodbye Tonsils
Oscar's Grind (live)
All Saint's Day
Jetlag Concrete Mix
Now, An Explosive New Movie
Spitoon Thud