December 14, 2008

A Record that I Love.

Hi. Let's talk about some Puff Tube, ok?

First off, there is hardly any information on Puff Tube. No Wikipedia page. No Myspace. The Google is fairly useless. I think there is a member of Prisonshake in there, somewhere. Their single came out in 1991. Here is a tidbit, a trifle, a totally tiny taste from the old, cached Scat records site:

"Between 1989 and 1992 six issues of Seven magazine were published, each with a 45. This is the only issue there are still copies of, which is good because it's the best of the lot. Reading my old reviews makes me cringe, but there's a lot of good art in here (loose postcards, napkins, comics), Mike DeCapite's fiction, a piece on Cle label-collective St. Valentine's, and the Emergency Peanut double 7" by the mighty Puff Tube, who are every bit as ridiculous as their name. Hours of entertainment!"

Amazingly, there are still copies of this left for sale on the internet, at rock-bottom prices, just look. So cheap! If you have a turntable... Well, it just makes sense to own this.

As for the music, the words "sublimely retarded "come to mind. It's the wacky band a manic cartoon character might form, just to harass a hapless adversary. A kind of mutant Kick-Ass Rock and Roll, writ small. With toy instruments. Recorded in a room filled with helium and nitrous oxide. It jumps all over the place, bopping and squeaking. And just like that... it's over. Poof! Where did it go? I miss it already!

20 minutes 41 seconds of pure audio joy, served up fresh and hot, just for you! Track list is in the comments.


Mr. Krotpong said...

Puff Tube- Emergency Peanut

Heavy Music
Jazz Cinnamon in my Brain
Love Theme from Emergency Peanut
Soul Finger
Shriek Bum Limbo
Circus Freak
Midget Tolerance
My New Bathrobe
Bib Lettuce Breakdown
My Baby is a Great Cook!
Get Off Me!
Chimmy Dimmy
Train Train


Shawna said...

That is so crazy that you're talking about Pufftube! One of the guys who basically IS Pufftube, Scott, has been very close friends with my husband and they still play in a band together. We basically all live in the quiet, brooding nowheresville of Cleveland, Ohio, where music is mostly just appreciated by locals and locals only. So that is why it blows my mind to see somebody who lives nowhere near Ohio talking about a local favorite. Scott would be quite stoked! I heard him say not too long ago that some record label (I believe in Japan) had agreed to release some more of the Pufftube, which he was pretty happy about. It means he must be doing something right with his chimmy dimmy...

Cheers to you, Mr. Krotpong.


Mr. Krotpong said...

Thanks for the awesome comment! It kind of made my day. Ohio has been home to some of my favorite bands ever! Besides PuffTube, there's the Pagans, Dead Boys, Electric Eels, Pere Ubu, Devo...I could go on and on.
Please, if you happen to get any info as to where I could get my hands on that Japanese cd, let me know.

Anonymous said...

I've been in love with Emergency Peanut since I heard John Peel play it back in the early 90s - it's a fantastic record! There's another one too, a cover of Don Henley's The Boys Of Summer, if you didn't already know. And a webpage too: Fingers crossed, re: Japanese CD, huh? IBx

spazz action said...

mr. pufftube here!!
gald you like the stuff-
i have beem busy playin in a ton of bands, doing artwork, and still working on pufftube.
the japanese cd is on hold currently- but that has given me a little time to revamp the songs and work on new cover/insert art.

scott pickering

Rowland H said...

Looking through OLD tapes found 'The love theme..." I still LOVE that song. Thanks mr pufftube it's stood the test of time. (Thanks too to mr peel)