December 10, 2008

"I am a Giant Dork..."

Hi! I'm also dirty bootlegger scum!

Another reason I love technology is the Olympus Digital Voice Recorder WS-300M. It's a tiny thing. Rectangular, about the size of a brick cellphone. Thinner, lighter (about 4 ounces with aaa battery), easy to hide. Add a Sony ECM-717, a stereo mini-microphone about the size of a tablespoon of butter sliced off the old butterstick, with a slender three foot cord to attach everything together, and you have a modern primitive bootlegging/surveillance rig. It's small enough to sneak into the odd show or two, and large enough to get you instantly killed by the mafia.

This here is a decent quality live recording that I made of those lovable little scamps, the Country Teasers. They were captured alive, at Emo's in Austin, in 2004. As for post-production, I artlessly chopped the audio file up into 12 segments, with an intro of me gabbing at various people while the band does a last minute tune up, for an unlucky 13 tracks in all.

The recording is very noisy, but appealingly so. Their records are pretty lo-fi and raw as it is, so the shitty sound is actually to their benefit. Even with the roughness, it still sounds better than many of the audience recordings I have heard over the years.

One of the crowd voices on this is Martina, from Prague, who once tried to pull my mailbox out of the wall during a party.

Me: Why are you doing that?
Martina: (with her hands still on the mailbox) I don't know.
Me: Well, stop it.
Martina: Ok. (lets go of mailbox)

There are other voices in the crowd that a few of you may recognize. I let you make your guesses...

Country Teasers Live at Emo's, 2004.

Good Looking Boys or Women
Hairy Wine II
Hitlers and Churchills
Man V. Cock
Please Ban Music
Points of View
Spiderman in the Flesh
White Patches

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