December 12, 2008

Eyes That Follow.

This is a recording that I made of this Japanese band, the Crude. They were one of the golden performances at the Chaos in Tejas IV (a local hardcore festival). I had no preconceived notions about them, only what I had heard from a couple of comp trax. I just figured that they would play some hardcore.

At first, they noodled... and noodled. Over ten minutes' worth! I thought to myself, "Oh, maybe they're a prog band now. I should throw this trash can on stage. What could be more hardcore than being a total dick at a show? Perhaps it's finally my turn to be that guy, the guy that fucks up the show for everyone. Yeah. It's my turn to get some! Yeah! Look out you pigs, here's me!" I was gearing myself up for my big moment. My big, sweaty, shining moment. I had my hand on the trash can and was dragging it across the floor, ready to hurl it with all of my glorious strength. When all of a sudden, they started to play so fast, and so crazy that I just had to stop and watch them spill their guts out.

After a while, I forgot all about that trash can.

The recording is appropriatlely noisy and ruff. It is one track. Don't worry, it's pretty short. Tracklist? Please. Even if I did know it, I probably wouldn't tell you.

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