December 9, 2008

Splinter Edit.

The mix I am putting up today is from an ancient mixtape that I made when I had a cheap mixer, two turntables and a cd player. Think 1995 or 1996. I digitized it and edited it down in 2003, if I remember correctly. The tracklist is your guess is as good as mine. I recognize about 25% of it. Louis Armstrong is on it (the track is a little wobbly). Steve Fisk figures pretty heavily into it. Étant Donnés are representing. Appendix is on there as one of the few actual songs. Entre Vifs shows up somewhere. Ryuchi Sakamoto has a supporting role. There is a Prince Far-I dub track. Groucho Marx is there for just a second. Hey, there's the Fall. There is some classical music... Everything else is either something that sounds familiar (but I have no idea what it could be) , or a complete mystery.

It's a sound collage. Listening to it now, well, I still really like it. It's very odd, this mix. Some of the distortion you hear was caused intentionally by me, because my equipment was horrid and easily fuck-withable. Think of it as a bonus. A rare, weird something that is exclusive to this mix.

This is one of the few actual mixtapes I made that survived all the years of total and complete neglect that I dished out. I leave it here for you.

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