December 18, 2008

Forward into Soft Darkness.

I stopped on my bike to take this picture from the I-35 overpass. It was 4:00 am and maybe a little foggy. It's not a fantastic picture or anything, but fog is creepy and weird. I am creepy and weird. Therefore, the picture must be taken.

This is a picture of the singer for Forward, a hardcore band from Japan. They are incredibly wonderful live. If you ever have an opportunity to see them, do so.

Between many of the songs in their live set, the singer would saunter up to the edge of the stage and grunt out "I don't speak any English... Fuck you!" Sheer poetry, coupled with the jams being kicked out, motherfucker. It was a beautiful evening.

Here I have posted their 2004 album, Burn Down the Corrupted Justice. This is some fearsome hardcore, well produced and totally catchy, performed at the height of the band's superpowers. Extra points if you break something while you listen to this.


Joolie said...

For full effect, I think it was:

I don't speak any English! I don't speak any English! I don't speak any English! So...fuck you!

I don't think you're creepy and weird at all, but I suppose there is the possibility that I am also creepy and weird and that's why I think that.

(So...fuck you!)

Mr. Krotpong said...

If you really wanna split hairs, it was more like "I dun't speaka unnah
Engleesh...So!...Fuck you!"