December 1, 2008

"I'd take a Bromo, but I can't stand the noise."

Look out! Old Beefeye is here, chopping up some choice musical chunks for you. Inner ear massage is the order of the day, with a veritable smörgåsbord of seriously sick songs, and savage, searing sounds. Check the tracklist if you have the doubts. The mere act of listening to this compilation ought to be enough to blast the old brown dinner out of your clogged, post-Thanksgiving guts. Don't be a'feared, help is here!


zbignew karkowski
abcess: throbbing black werebeast
feedtime: small talk
floor: chelsea/pigs
black flag: fix me
amdi petersens arme`: enborger af samfundet
nihilist: pinhead thought process
black randy and the metrosquad : i wanna be a nark
d.o.a.: no god no war
fuckface: raped shattered exiled
country teasers: devil on my back
buzzcocks: harmony in my head
night kings: night kings theme
pink lincolns: cotton mather
bauhaus : dark entries
the cramps: love me (live at cbgb's, halloween1978)
toast: code dread
skewbald: grand union
artimus pyle: paint it black
redrum: spreading the gospel
seein' red: nazi tuig
bitch magnet: big pining
the rip-offs: how do I feel
Lt. caramel
stack: six pack
tragedy: life?
crimpshrine : wake up
appendix : kateus
a mouse orchestra: a lump in your throat pt1

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