November 25, 2008

Alive With Pleasure(?)!

This post is all about bursting through the day with a double, nay... a quadruple barreled shotgun blast*. Wednesday can kiss my ass.

Today's mix is a thick, bloody rock and roll marmalade, with big chunks of gristle, bone, eyes, and crushed up window glass all throughout, evenly spread over the burnt toast of brutal life lessons and human suffering. Ordinary silverware and plates will not be enough to consume, or contain this mix. For your safety, use only asbestos gloves to handle this compilation. You'll need a large number of heavy-duty cloth napkins to clean yourself up, after you partake in this unholy continental breakfast of punishing horror... Also, be sure to keep the number of the poison control center on hand, just in case.

You have been warned. Bon Appétit!

{Thank Your Mother For the Rabbits…}

Deerhoof: 3/2
Registrators: I Call Your Name
Eater: No More (live ’77)
Dwarves: Free Cocaine
Umen: Dig It A Hole
Gasp: Eyes the Tentacle and Arachnid Know
Emperor: Curse You All Men
Erosion: 70th Floor
Rose Rose: Make Good My Escape (To Ichirow)
Voorhees: At My Expense
Black Flag: No Values
Forward: Never Lost Youself
Beguiled: She-Devil Rock
Pagans: Dead End America
Excruciating Terror: Suicide
Agnostic Front: Fight
Heresy: Genocide
Cosmic Psychos: Thank Your Mother for the Rabbits
Slight Slappers: Reflection
Fuckface: Politics of Falsehood
Los Crudos: No Estoy Convencide
Houses in Texas: Destiny of Dead Horses
Bastards: Shit for Brains
Killdozer: One for the People
Ed Gein’s Car: Too Old to Die Young
A Frames: Complication
Les Thugs: Femme Fatale
Dudman: Mass Game
Kitchener: Development
Funeral: Waiting for the Bomb Blast
Dead C: Scarey Nest
Corrupted: Other Side
Cd Crash:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

*a la Phantasm II, also there is no footage that I could easily find of the quad-shotgun in action. So you get single barrel graphics. Sorry!

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