November 21, 2008

Anniversary Time!

Here is a comp I made for my darling girlfriend six years ago, on this very day. It is ever so slightly edited for your enhanced enjoyment. Little did I know, five or so years later, we would be married! How nifty!

I Loves My Baby, My Baby Loves Me-

Dicks-Baby I Love You (live)
Louis Prima-When You're Smilin'/Sheik of Araby
Fred Lane and His Bolophonic Orchestra-I Talk to My Haircut
The Homosexuals-Neutron Lover
Son Mitume- Yo Te Voya Halercase
Little Willie John-I Like to See My Baby
The Jam- All Around the World
The Homosexuals-Hearts in Exile
Buzzcocks-Love You More (live)
Wolfgang Press- That Heat
The Ukrainians- Some Song
DJ Qbert-Wave Twisterz
Damned-Neat Neat Neat
Couch Flambeau-The Zoo is Cool
X-I Don't Wanna Go Out (live)
Wedding Present-Take Me
Wolfgang Press-Swing Like a Baby
Incredible String Band-Creation (part)
Hoagy Charmichael-Doctor, Lawyer and Indian Chief
Flat Duo Jets-My Life, My Love
Unrest-Yes, She is My Skinhead Girl


Roone said...

You lug.

Joolie said...

I love my lug!

katastrophik said...

aw... yous lugs!

Colleen said...

Your blog has brought me great happiness. Thanks for all the musics, miss y'all.