November 17, 2008

Several Sailing Scurvy Seadogs Sampling Some Sonic Skullduggery.

I have a large collection of music, from which I like to make these compilations. I obsess about them, probably because I used to be a delivery driver, and I needed something that I could listen to over, and over, and over... ad nauseum. It's important. The good ones kept me calm, which is good in a city where everyone is insane behind the wheel. They also kept me awake, which is good in a city blah blah insane. I make about one of these a week. This is an old habit that I have yet to tire of.

Thanks to technological advances (it was the tape age when I started doing this), I now listen to mix cds in the car, for the most part. Many of them end up unplayably scratched, or even crushed to bits on the floor of my filthy vehicle. This is because, when urge to drive overtakes me, I am both a lazy and brutal driver, like some kind of weresloth behind the wheel. Sometimes comps... just don't make it. As sad as that is, the ones that do make it are, in my opinion, usually pretty decent.

This is a mix that I have been messing around with for a couple of weeks now. I think this might be the version I stick with. I was looking for something less so, music that I could drive around to all afternoon and have it be sort of fun and not so gloomy. I did drive around with a slightly different mix of this for a week or so, and I had no road rage. It brings the fun for me, because it pleases my inner disaffected youth without being all metal or punk. Boy, did I fail on that gloomy part. Oh well, give me some crazy shit to hear and I'm happy.

Little Black Clouds #2.1

A Frames-Skeletons
NickCave y los BadSeeds-Deanna
The Ex-Burnsome
Boredoms-Super Are You
The Fall-Hotel Blöedel
Coil-Orca Not Lorca
Calle13-Algo con Sentido
DJ RomanPorsche-Blue Monday
SonicYouth-Rowche Rumble
Country Teasers-I Don't Like People
Death in June-Fall Apart
Severed Heads-Spitoon Thud
Jessamine-Your Head's So Small It's Like a Tiny Light
Galaxy500-Temperature's Rising

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Dr. Mystery said...

Where did you find Sonic Youth doing the Fall song?

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