November 14, 2008

Kindling to Stoke the Flames of Humanity.

Well, here we are. Again. This time around I'm going to bring the mellow down on you. By mellow I mean, softer than before...earlier, when it was really loud, that was all cool and shit. But now, it's quiet time. More contemplative. Less scrrrreeeeeech. Still, there are some challenging bits in the mix. I made this in late 2004, so it is a fine, post-election vintage. There is some rock here, because I like the rock (who doesn't?). Otherwise, it seems like I laid the Southern Gothic on pretty thick, as evidenced by the ugly, rough subject matter being strummed so sweetly at you. Murder, suicide, madness, the death of the human race, it all gets touched on in a folksy, down home sort of way.When the Louvin brothers sing about the killing fire raining from the skies, it makes you forget all about the horrible things you did in Knoxville, because now everyone is gonna die. Quick, grab my hand, let's run into the mushroom cloud together!


Howlin' Wolf: Backdoor Man
Flat Duo Jets: Madagascar
Flaming Lips: Mountainside
13th Floor Elevators: I Thought You Should Know
Heavenly Gospel Singers: Mean Old World
Rex: Blue Eyes You're Not
Louvin Brothers: Knoxville Girl
Handsome Family: The Forgotten Lake
Brownie McGee & Sonny Terry: Trouble in Mind
Nick Drake: River Man
The Birthday Party: Several Sins
Curtis & the Melody Cowboys: Mr. Blue
Little Willie John: Love, Life, & Money
The Minutemen: there ain't shit on t.v. tonight
Robert Johnson: Hellhound on My Trail
Coil: Car Rental
Country Teasers: Life is a Rehearsal
Mission of Burma: Execution
King Nawahi's Hawaiians: Hawaii Medley
Roy Newman & His Boys: Devil with the Devil
King Loser: Ten Rays
Louvin Brothers: Great Atomic Power
Mekons: Last Dance
Rev. J. M. Gates , Oh Death Where Is Thy Sting


Orplin said...

This is the perfect mix for today. It makes me feel better about ending up with too many banana-flavored Jelly Bellys in the bag I bought.

Mr. Krotpong said...

The banana ones are the suckiest of the lot for sure. Ixnay on the ananabay!

Dr. Mystery said...

This is a very succulent mix. Very succulent indeed.

Mr. Krotpong said...

Fanx Doc!