November 15, 2008

A New Chapter in Dub.

Well, hello there! I have yet another tasty treat for you and yours. How many years ago did I put this comp together? Did I do it in 2002? 2003? I don't remember. At least five years ago. This mix actually exists (or has existed) in some form on the internet for almost that long. A friend of mine edited it into one track and put it up somewhere, I remember seeing it. To the best of my knowledge, I believe it has disappeared.

I like the dub music. Plain and simple. Long ago, I was once the used music buyer for a beloved local record store that has since passed on. Along with everything else, I bought almost every dub record that came in used from 1995 until 1999 for the store. More often than not, I would immediately turn around and sell these dub records to myself. This is not a HUGE stack of wax, mind you, but it is fairly respectable. A few may have slipped my desperate grasp and actually hit the floor in that time span, but as I was working six days a week mostly, and not much got by me, and I was/am kind of a dick in that way, I'm certain it was only a very few. And the ones that did get away probably weren't very good. Sorry, local dub record collectors...

Anyway, I have weird taste, I guess, and this is the dubbish compilation I made, weirdly, from said collection. Of course it's not all dub, there is a little bit of straight up reggae, some soundtrack music, and a pinch of noise. I've cut most of the dead air out, but I did no other cleanup. It has a bit of that vintage vinyl crackle to it, but that just makes it better in my humble opinion. Quite a few people I know have this already, and they think it's pretty neat. What do you think?

~Prince Jellyfish's Dubd'sco~

Bernard Hermann: God's Lonely Man
African Headcharge: Far Away Chant
Bunny Wailer: Fig Tree
Burning Spear: Black Wa Da Da
Scientist: VooDoo Curse
Evil Moisture: Spatter Gak
King Tubbys: The Easy Dub
Big Youth: Love Jah Jah Children
Rockers Allstars: Revolution Dub
Jackie Mittoo: Henry the Great
Carlton and the Shoes: I've Got Soul
U-Roy: Flashing My Whip
Sugar Minott: Progress Road Dub
N.W.W. Uncertain Nonsense
Augustus Pablo: A P Special
Prince Far I: Put It Out
The Upsetters: Curly Dub
Rockers Meet King Tubbys inna Firehouse
Prince Far I : Plant Up
Linton Kwesi Johnson: Making History
African Headcharge: Stebeni's Theme
David Jackman:Vault
Evil Moisture