November 12, 2008

Feels Like the Third Time.

Here is a picture of a dolly that I sculpted and put together. You enjoy that while I throw together another comp/mix for you. This one is coming in on the ambient side of the noisy coin. Sure there are some really irritating sounds on this thing, but for the most part it's like being unmoored and drifting on a raft made of birch wood and human skin...down a mostly frozen river, full of floating dead rats. No, scratch that. No rats. Let's leave it at the frozen river part. Yeah. Anyway, I gave a cd copy of this to a friend to listen to and he loves it. He plays it loud and then does other stuff while the cd does its thing.

You could do like my friend. You too could be doing your dusting to the dulcet tones of Nazi UFO Commander, taking out the trash with fun fun Funeral Mist, launching your laundry into the Bay of Hopelessness while shuffling along with Sleephead. You get the general idea. Tracklist is below. Make it happen.

Little Black Clouds #1

Les Joyaux De La Princesse:Bei Einbrechender Nacht
Nazi UFO Commander:Retreat
Nueva Germania:Love is Over
Oln-Ba:Employment at Dead God
P Children:Truth Withheld
Severed Heads:Tiny Fingers
Tape Beatles:Green, Blue Beautiful Place/Whole New Animal
Siouxsie and the Banshees: Red Over White
Mort Art:Green Death
Skullflower:Blood Orange
Nurse With Wound:The Lonely Poisonous Mushroom
Opal:Hear the Wind Blow
Black Seas of Infinity:Spacial Exhumation
Birchville Cat Motel:Double Cascade Mini Fantasy
SleepHead:Bay of Hopelessness
Gas:Untitled 1
Funeral Mist:The God Supreme


Orplin said...

I like you, Mr. Krotpong. Please call extension 13738 to claim your free Caribbean vacation.

Mr. Krotpong said...


St. Murse said...

Upon reading the descriptions this comp calls to me the most, but I'm making myself listen to them in order. First downloading now. Will it inspire me in the gym? We'll find out. If I have massive guns & pecs by Christmas, I'll have you to thank/blame.

Mr. Krotpong said...

This stuff is dangerous if you don't use caution.One pec could end up huge and not the other, and you might end up with guns like Popeye. Be careful!