November 11, 2008

I had so much fun the first time...

...I'm going to do this again. Just to let the warm happiness flood your senses. Feel that? That's joy. I have here another mix, and I have uploaded it for everyone's listening pleasure. This one is several months old, and pretty rockin', I'd say. Although, my "rockin'" seems to be everyone else's "excruciating", that is why I'm here with you. Caveat emptor. I love noise and hardcore and such. You either want this or you don't .That shitting sound coming out of your speakers? That's music. The tracklist is as follows:

Little Black Clouds # 3

The Cows: Cabin Man
Melt Banana: Too Rough to Scoop
Brainbombs: It's a Burning Hell
Fang: I Wanna Be on T.V.
Stretcheads: Chicken Fish
Hesskhe Yadalanah: Bless Cadaveric Bodies Experiences
Sick Things: Police
The Homosexuals: Walk Before Imitate
The Sound: Coldbeat (Live)
The Swans: Freak
The Swans: Right/Wrong
Shit and Shine: Cunts With Roses (pt.1)
Crossed Out: Vacuum
Prenatal Lust: Entertainment Tonight
Ed Gein's Car: My Life's a Game (live)
Dudman: Fascist Friday
Minutemen: The Punch Line
Rudimentary Peni: When You are a Martian Church
Stickmen With Rayguns: Grave City
Thrown Ups: Person in My Bowel (is sad)
Negative Approach: Pressure
Stretcheads: Long Faced German
Funeral Mist: Bringer of Terror
Boredoms: Acid Police
Missing Foundation: Martyr of the City
Negativland: When They Ring the Golden Bells
Corrupted: Nieve Segundo