November 11, 2008

Hello, these are for you!

Well, here I am. What's my mission now? Here, have this. This will buy me some time until I figure out where I'm going to go with this thing...this...this blog. Here is a linky, at the end of which is a compilation of music that I made for you last night. Why are you looking at me like that? I am a nice person. Go read the tracklist. It's good, I tell you. Cut me some slack. It is clearly worth ten minutes of your computer's valuable time, or however long it takes your computer to do things...whatever. You'll need to unpack the rar with Winrar or something. I wish I had a window to look out of.

Noise Complaint #1
Tape Beatles: c.-for frog
Boredoms: Star
People Like Us: Barbed Wire 4 People Like Us
Annie Anxiety: Cyanide Tears
p16d4: E & E
Skinny Puppy:Icebreaker
Nazi UFO Commander: Why We Fight
Esplendor Geometrico: Trans Umma
Tape Beatles: Behold a Republic
Missing Foundation: When Right was Wrong
Evolution Control Committee: I Don't Care
Sebadoh: Got It
Pain Teens: Lady of Flame
The National Hardwood Floor...: Looking for a...
Beherit: Hail Satanas
Severed Heads: Oscar's Grind
Gravitar: U.R.R.
Meat Beat Manifesto: Repulsion
The Fall: Couldn't Get Ahead
Assault: Object of the Attack
Spacemen 3: Call the Doctor
Alien Vampires: Neuroleptic Malignant Injection

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