November 21, 2008

Punks is Hippies.

Ah, misspent youth. It was pretty fun, I must admit. Music was a big part of that. There is a certain something about the music we listen to when we're growing up. That music happens to be hardcore for me, especially the early stuff... that raw energy, the violence, the uncertainty of it all, it really gets me going. This is my classic rock, the soundtrack to my whole life after age 16. I love it. Being a nostalgic person in general, listening to old hardcore takes me on a time warp over the last twenty plus years, because I've never stopped listening to it. Sure, I developed my musical tastes, I enjoy all kinds of music... but there were never any other experiences quite like the ones I had early on, when it was all fresh and new.

I'm almost embarrassed to say it, but I am the same in this way, as any dirt-loving hippie throwback. Instead of Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, and C.C.R., it's Negative Approach, Black Flag, and D.R.I. for me. Vintage tunes from my youth, they are my romanticized musical past. Instead of looking for that one perfect Dead show bootleg online, I look for Flipper demos. It's like listening to the world through rose colored ear plugs. "Remember back then maaan? It was all so coool back then, maaaan." It's the same.

Sorry, I prattle on. As much as I may want to grow my hair out so that I can put flowers in it when I listen to Minor Threat or the Feederz, I just don't (lazy, like a hippie!). I'd like to think that any other similarities I might have with my non-bathing, peace-loving brethren are so superficial that they don't warrant any further examination in this particular forum. Luckily I'd be right, because this is my blog, and I am truly free.

DJ Katastrophik made this mix a very long time ago. I present it to you now. Tracklist is in the comments section.


Mr. Krotpong said...

Bad Brains-Attitude
Tales of Terror-Skate or Bait
Fearless Iranians From Hell-Blow Up the Embassy
Black Flag-Jealous Again
Christ on a Crutch-Food For Thought
Accused-Take No Prisoners
Negative Approach-Tied Down
Deadline-Closed Doors
Soulside-Pearl to Stone
Bobby Soxx-Learn to Hate in the 80s
Nip Drivers-Fox on the Run
Mystery Dates-Man in the Middle
Weirdos-Helium Bar
Scratch Acid-Greatest Gift
DI-Richard Hung HImself
Dead Kennedys-Forward to Death
Offenders-I Hate Myself
Agnostic Front-Victim in Pain
Septic Death-Core Reality
Marching Plague-Rock and Roll Asshole
Corrosion of Conformity-Life's Cycle
Hogan's Heroes-Zombies
Bedlam Hour-Stand Up and Fight
Minor Threat-I Don't Want to Hear It
D.O.A.-Fucked Up Ronnie
Feederz-Jesus Entering From the Rear
Angry Samoans-You Stupid Jerk
Really Red- I Was a Teenage Fuckup
Void-Time to Die
Articles of Faith-Objectify
Scream-Bet You Never Thought
Husker Du-Real World
Minutemen-Little Man
Suicidal Tendencies-Institutionalized
Fear-Let's Have a War
Poison Idea-Just to Get Away
Dicks-Hate the Police

Dr. Mystery said...

It's fitting that the Minutemen are on this mix, because I think they bring together everything in your post in one messy little package. They're like the perfect blend of CCR and hardcore.

Mr. Krotpong said...

I believe that they do a number of C.C.R. covers. There might have been one on their first single if I remember correctly.